03 DECEMBER 2023

Run by Team FEAR

Team FEAR is pleased to announce the resumption of the Junior Adventure Challenge! The race is for kids up to 15 years of age to run, coasteer, swim, canoe, rock-scramble and raise money for charity in Discovery Bay. Join us for the race in 2024, date TBC.

Team FEAR 2023 - Results: Click Here

The Story of...


In 2001, a team of adventure racers, after pressure from their own children, decided to put on a junior version of an adventure race.  In the intervening years, the original group of 40 participants has grown to over 900 students aged from 8 to 18, racing on a Sunday morning in late November each year in the hills of Discovery Bay.

None of this is possible without the work of volunteers: more than 300 Hong Kong parents and Discovery Bay residents marshal on the day of the race to keep the race safe.

Over $HK100,000 is donated to Youth Outreach Hong Kong annually from the fund-raising efforts of the competitors and through the generous support of our Sponsors below.