Information for Marshals

Thank you again to all the marshals who have already signed up.  If you haven’t as yet, head to this link: and select ‘Marshal Volunteer Only’.

Information for the Race Day

The course is divided into sections with each section run by a Section Leader.  We try to place you in a section where you will see your child go by.

Our Chief Marshal Joe Healey, is currently assigning people to marshalling sections and will be sending e-mails to marshals.

All marshals will be meeting up with Section Leaders. The meet-up time will depend on the particular section you are assigned to but will be made clear in the assignment e-mails.

You may need to be in DB and in position on the course earlier than your child needs to be for registration.  Also, not all parents will make it to the finish in time to see their child cross the finish line.

Please coordinate with other parents in the team to register the team and pick up competitors at the end of the race.

Don’t leave your post until your section leader releases you.  The last competitors coming through are the ones most in need of your help.

Golden Rule: At crossings, stop the children, not the traffic!

Please let us know as soon as possible if anything changes in your availability on the day –

What to bring and wear

  • You will be out on the course for several hours so bring snacks and plenty to drink.
  • Ensure your phone is fully charged.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear and don’t forget bug spray, sun-screen and a hat.  If it is drizzling, you may need a rain-jacket.

Finally – enjoy the day!  You are marshalling to ensure your child has a safe and happy race.