TF2023: 6 Days to Go!

6 days to RACE DAY❗

Important – Racer Preparation – Equipment 

  1. Ensure racers have head and hand protection e.g. Helmet and Gloves. This is an absolute must❗
  2. Consider clothing and other equipment needs such as hydration, appropriate shorts and footwear, sunscreen etc.
  3. Prepare an after-race bag. Dry clothes, change of footwear, towel. 

Race Day Timing  – 3rd Dec 2023

7:00 am to  8:00 am: Registrations @ DB North Promenade

Team Fear registration teams will: 

  • Check racers have helmets and gloves. 
  • Issue race shirts and team numbers
  • Verify waiver consent forms -> If you have not yet completed the waiver or if you have registered recently, please find the consent document here:
    • Racers who do not have a completed waiver will not be allowed to race!
  • Take the after-race bags for storage until races are completed

Note: Teams registering later than 8 am may be unable to race!8:30 am to 9:00 am: Race starts
1:00 pm: All racing concluded
1.30 pm: Awards will be presented for the fastest teams and runners-up per category. (boys teams, girls teams, mixed teams per age category)

The course route is kept confidential until race day. 

On the day, racers will follow coloured ribbons to navigate and complete the course. 

U9, U10, U11,     YELLOW RIBBONS
U12, U13, U16     BLUE RIBBONS

Getting to Discovery Bay North Promenade (for those travelling):

  1. Ferry from Central Pier 3 then get #4 or #9 bus.
  2. MTR to Sunny Bay exit the station get Bus to DB North (DB03P)
  3. Red Taxis can take you all the way to DB North

Competitor Briefing

For more information about the race please ensure that you have watched the video of our briefing made on Nov 22 at DBIS school

About Team Fear

Team Fear is a wholly volunteer organisation established in 2001 by a team of avid adult adventure racers. We believe our race is unique in the world in presenting adventure racing to young people. We strive to create a challenging race that can test boundaries allowing competitors to experience and grow all within a safe environment. 

All this would not be possible without the help and support of the hundreds of volunteers who helped us plan, prepare and execute our race safely. This is a truly community-based event that relies on the goodwill and help of local interest groups, schools, businesses and HKRI the developer of Discovery Bay. 

Charity Fund-raising

Our competitors benefit from being born into opportunity and cognisant of that Team Fear donates all its excess funds from the race to a registered local charity. Youth Outreach (

Youth Outreach (YO) is dedicated to helping underprivileged and disadvantaged youth. Their award-winning programs help bridge gaps between difficult family circumstances and the hard-edged reality of “getting by” in Hong Kong. To date, Team Fear has raised over 1m in cash for YO.

Please help us raise more by asking your friends and family to sponsor your team. Helping this worthy cause means our racers can pay forward to those less privileged. 

For larger donations ($500 plus), we can arrange for a tax-allowable receipt made out from YO directly.


Should you have further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Facebook Group Chat.

Thomas Corbin