TF2023: Next Steps for Competitors

Welcome to the official Team FEAR Junior Challenge blog! We are thrilled to have you on board for an incredible adventure. This blog post serves as a comprehensive guide to help competitors and their parents prepare for the upcoming race. Read on to discover the next steps you need to take to ensure a successful and memorable experience!

Confirmation and Registration

First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude for your support and participation in the Team FEAR Challenge 2023. We have received and registered your team’s details, confirming your spot in the race.

What You Need to Do Now – Deadline: 11th Nov 2023

To ensure a smooth process, please complete the following steps before the provided deadline:

  1. Signed Waiver: Each competitor must complete a signed waiver. Please fill out the form provided here for each registered participant.
  2. Chest Size Information: To ensure the perfect fit for competitor T-shirts, please submit the chest size in centimetres on the form. Measure the arm pit to arm pit of a well-fitting shirt, double the number, and enter it onto the form.

Preparations before Race Day – 3rd Dec 2023

Before the big day arrives, there are a few important tasks to check off your list:

  1. Read and Familiarize: Thoroughly read this blog post to understand the essential information and requirements for the race.
  2. Mandatory Equipment: Double-check that you have the mandatory equipment: Helmet and Gloves. These must be worn at all times during the race. We cannot permit any teams without helmets or gloves to participate, so ensure each team member is equipped accordingly. A bike helmet is ideal, and fingerless gloves, such as biking gloves, are acceptable.
  3. Prepare and Train: Take the time to prepare and train for the event. The Team FEAR Challenge encompasses various physical activities, including running, hiking, rock scrambling, and coasteering. Hill running and training on different terrains will be especially beneficial.
  4. Change Bag: Prepare a change bag with dry, clean clothing and footwear for each participant. You can leave the bag with us at the start point in DB North and collect it after the race.

Parent Briefings

To provide you with additional information and address any questions or concerns, we have organized two Parent Competitor briefings. Please choose the session that is most convenient for you:

Briefing 1 – Hong Kong Island

  • Date: Tues, Nov 21, 2023
  • Time: 7 pm
  • Location: Youth Outreach 1st F, 2 Holy Cross Path, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong Island
  • Google Maps Link

Briefing 2 – Discovery Bay

  • Date: Wed, Nov 22, 2023
  • Time: 7:30 pm
  • Location: DBIS Hall, GF, DBIS School, Discovery Bay Rd, Discovery Bay
  • Google Maps Link

We are also exploring the option of live-streaming the briefing event. Stay tuned for further details.

Update – Under 16s Category Added

Based on popular demand, we have expanded the age groups to include a new category: U16! We are excited to offer this opportunity to older racers and provide them with an exciting challenge.

Race Day Essentials

On the day of the race, make sure you come prepared with the following essentials:

  • Mandatory Equipment: Each competitor must wear a helmet and gloves throughout the race. Ensure that these items are in good condition and meet the necessary safety standards. A bike helmet is recommended, and fingerless gloves, such as biking gloves, are suitable.
  • Non-slip Footwear: Choose comfortable footwear that provides a good grip for running over uneven ground.
  • Hydration: Carry sufficient water to stay hydrated during the race. Consider using a water bottle in a small backpack or belt pouch, or opt for a water bladder backpack.
  • Snack Foods: Bring along some snack foods to provide an energy boost during the race. Options like bananas, energy bars, and gel packs can be excellent choices.
  • Sunscreen: Depending on the weather conditions, apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.
  • Change Bag: Prepare a change bag with dry, clean clothing and footwear for each participant. You can leave the bag with us at the start point in DB North and collect it after the race.

What to Expect on Race Day

To maintain the element of surprise and challenge, the routes for the race will not be disclosed in advance. The course will vary from year to year, ensuring that competitors do not have prior knowledge of what to expect. This approach ensures fairness and prevents any advantage gained through familiarity.

The planned route continues to include running, hiking, rock scrambling, and coasteering. Additionally, this year’s race will feature kayaking for the U13, U14, and U16 categories. We encourage participants to train on hills and different terrains to prepare themselves for the challenges that lie ahead.

Stay Connected and Get in Touch

For further race details, we invite you to join us at the Parent Competitor briefings on November 21st and 22nd. If you are unable to attend in person, we are working on providing a live stream of the event. Stay tuned for updates on how to access the live stream.

If you have any questions or need clarification on any aspect of the race, please feel free to reach out to us via our Facebook Group Chat. We are here to support you and ensure that you have an exhilarating and memorable experience.


The Team FEAR Junior Challenge 2023 is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see you in action! Remember to complete the necessary steps, attend the parent briefings, and make all the preparations outlined in this blog post. Stay focused, train hard, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. We look forward to cheering you on as you conquer the Team FEAR Junior Challenge!

Best regards,
Race Organizing Committee