TF2019: Team FEAR Photos ready!

Dear Parents

It is my absolute pleasure to present you with our photos for 2019, a remarkable effort from a wonderful group of people who have literally crawled up waterfalls and through muddy creeks to get this amazing collection of photos of this event.

More than half of our photographers don’t have kids in the event, but instantly answered yes when I asked them to put in a huge effort for other people’s kids.  I personally took more than 2000 photos on the day and I expect everyone was the same.

Then the real work begins.  The editing job is a massive task, done by people with busy lives and jobs.  But the end result?  I think that speaks for itself.  My sincere thanks to my team, a fabulous group of committed people:

Diana Marlan
Oliver Decker
Col Sim
Sharon McEneff
Sophie Bonnin-Rocher
Roy Esterhuysen
Darren Connelly
Andrew Ellis
Moree Tegwa
Ollyvia Postacchini
Ian Marr
Sandra Starc
Steven Williamson

Thanks for your time, effort and talent, guys.

Please enjoy our efforts and we will see you all next year.

SmugMug Link

Downloading the photos is free but if you are able to make a contribution for the photos you download (which will go towards Youth Outreach) we would be very grateful.  The PayPal link is on the website photo page:

James Branch