Maps and Transportation

For non‐DB competitors, we have the following information to help you with your travel arrangements for the Bike Check and Race Day.

Please note there is now a DB Transport App (Apple and Google Play versions) which gives ferry times, bus times and allows pre-booking of Hire Cars.  We suggest given the recent travel disruption in Hong Kong that you check the App to ensure there have been no last minute changes to schedules.

The first ferry from Pier 3, Central on Sunday morning is 06:30 and the next one is at 07:10.

DB Tunnel
For those of you arriving through the DB Tunnel, please be aware that bikes are not allowed on either the Tung Chung or Sunny Bay buses. However, you can carry bikes in the luggage section of the Airport Bus if there is room. There is no access to Discovery Bay by private car without prior booking and payment of a tunnel fee. Bikes cannot be ridden through the DB Tunnel.

Red taxis and blue Lantau taxis can be taken into Discovery Bay as far as the North Plaza/the Auberge Hotel without prior booking.

Internal Transport – Buses and Hire Cars

The old bus terminal at the Ferry Pier is still closed for renovations.  Buses (HK$4.4) and Hire Cars (HK$20 plus extra for bikes) can be taken from the main Discovery Bay Road behind the Plaza.  Take a left as you get off the ferry and walk up the path to the road.

The Hire Car stand is now directly outside the fire-station.   A temporary bus station is a little way further along the road at the far end of the fire-station.

Bike Check
The Bike Check will take place on the hardstanding at the top of Siena Avenue.  Competitors can ride their bikes to the site (about ten minutes) or catch a Hire Car.  Buses do not take bikes.  For competitors on foot, the T4 bus stops along Discovery Bay Road and the T9 stops on Siena Avenue.  Click HERE for a Google Map link shows the exact position of the site.

Race Registration
All competitors will register this year at the main DBIS campus.  The T4 and T9 buses stop opposite the school.

The finish is at the DB North Plaza.  Again the T4 and T9 go to the North Plaza.

Bike Pick-up after the Race
Bikes should be collected promptly after the Race.  Bikes will be dropped alongside the Community Centre opposite the North Plaza.

For a Map of the start and finish and bike locations please click HERE.

Maps of last year’s courses can be found on the right hand side bar but the 2019 courses will be made available ONLY after all competitors from the category have started so that the course remains secret to competitors.

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