Race Rules

Defined terms in these Race Rules shall have the meaning set out in the Consent and Liability Release Form.

  1. All competitors are to use good sporting behaviour during the Event.
  2. All competitors competing in an age category must be under that age on 31st December of each year in which the race is held. So, for example, a competitor having their 10th birthday in early December will compete in the Under 11 category even though they may still be 9 years old on the actual day of the race.
  3. The minimum age for competitors is 8 years old on or before 31st December in the year of the race.
  4. If a competitor wishes to compete in an age group above his or her own age, i.e. they are U9 but wish to compete in the U10 category they are permitted to, at the discretion of the Team FEAR Organising Committee, but competitors should be aware that competing in a higher age group may mean that the course is longer or contains elements not included in the original age category.
  5. The results for the race will be determined by the time required to complete the course plus any penalties. The official race clock will run continuously from the start time until the last member of each team crosses the finish line.
  6. Teams must start and finish the race together and exit all checkpoints & transition areas together. Team members must stay within 25m of each other unless directed otherwise by course marshals.
  7. Time cut-off points may be designated at various places on the race course. Teams arriving after the designated time at any cut-off point may be required, at the sole discretion of race officials, to withdraw from the stage or take a shortened route to the finish line.
  8. No outside support is allowed between the start and finish lines of the race, other than at the designated support team access point, or to provide medical assistance. Parents should not accompany their children around the course.
  9. Penalties for unfair actions or violation of these rules may include: (a) time penalties added to a team’s finish time; or (b) time penalties served by stopping a team on the race course.
  10. As a safety requirement teams must wear the race shirts provided during the race
  11. Competitors will be required to display their team number at all times when on the race course.
  12. Teams must notify race officials at the nearest checkpoint or transition area of the withdrawal of a team member or an entire team. Teams should assist the withdrawing team member to a checkpoint or transition area where transportation off the course can be arranged.
  13. In the event that one team member withdraws from the race, the remaining team member may be allowed to complete the race however this may affect their final ranking.
  14. Protests must be filed with the race committee within 20 minutes of a team’s finish of the race. Protests may be made orally but must be made discretely and respectfully to the race committee. The committee’s decision will be final.
  15. The following equipment is mandatory and must be carried / properly used by each team member at all times between the start and finish line:
    • Bike Helmet
    • Lightweight Windproof Jacket
    • Lightweight Pack
    • Water Container with at least 1 litre of drink
    • Food (Snacks and/or sweets)
    • Running shoes
    • Gloves
  16. Bike helmets must be worn and correctly fitted at all times during the race.
  17. The race course may be changed due to weather or safety hazards and the race committee will have complete discretion to adjust finish times to reflect any course changes.
  18. The race course will be marked by signs, arrows, ribbons, chalk, and marshals. Teams are responsible for (a) staying on the course; and (b) slowing down to pay attention to course markings.
  19. Teams must follow the direction of the marshals at all times.
  20. Teams must not leave any litter or equipment on the race course.
  21. The Organisers reserve the right to close entries to the event without notice when the quota of the Event is full.