Course Overview

The Team FEAR Challenge takes place in the sea, villages and hills of Discovery Bay, Hong Kong.

There are three courses of varying length and difficulty – one each for the Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors. The Senior course is the most demanding in terms of stamina.

The design of the courses varies from year to year but in previous years the participants have had to:

  • Mountain Bike
  • Swim (with life-jackets)
  • Coasteer (navigating along a beach or coastline)
  • Canoe (Intermediates and Seniors)
  • Do a water jump (off a boat (Seniors) or off a pier and NOT compulsory)
  • An abseil or zip-line (Seniors)
  • Trail Run (in the hills around Discovery Bay)
  • Clamber through a bamboo obstacle/assault course
  • Do team puzzles and tests relying on team cooperation and imagination.

The course length ranges from approximately 10km for the Juniors to 15km for the Seniors but this varies from year to year. The first competitors usually cross the finish line in two hours and we expect all competitors to finish within four hours.

As with all adventure races, participants are not allowed to see the course beforehand but the course is well marked with ribbons and arrows and there are marshals along the entire route providing guidance and backup.

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