Age categories

There are eight age ranges in the race across three race categories: Junior, Intermediates and Seniors. Juniors compete as teams of three, Inters and Seniors as teams of two.

A participant must be UNDER the age of the category on the last day of the year – 31 December. Participants cannot race in younger age categories. For example if a child is already 11, they cannot take part in the Under 11 category – they must race in the Under 12s.

Teams can be of mixed ages but must race in the age category of the oldest child. For example 2 ten year olds and and a nine year old would race in the Under 11 category.

There is a different course for each race category:  the Junior course is easier than the Intermediate and the Senior course is the most challenging.  All age groups within each race category do the same course just start at different times.

Juniors (Teams of 3)

Under 9 (aged 8 on 31st December)
Under 10 (aged 9 on 31st December)
Under 11 (aged 10 on 31st December)

Intermediates (Teams of 2)

Under 12 (aged 11 on 31st December)
Under 13 (aged 12 on 31st December)

Seniors (Teams of 2)

Under 14 (aged 13 on 31st December)
Under 16 (aged 15 or under on 31st December)
Under 19 (aged 18 or under on 31st December)

Participants under the age of eight on 31 December are not eligible to take part in the Race.

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