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AvatarPetra Hoinke-Kock asked 4 years ago

Dear Organizer,  my husband signed up to support the race on Nov 19th as a volunteer.  Please advise if there is already any information about when and where he needs to be on Sunday the 19th.
husband: Torben Kock
race participant:  Morten Kock is in U14 ‘team fear’ .
Look forward to hear back from you.

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teamfearteamfear Staff answered 4 years ago

Our Chief Marshal Niall Greenan, is currently assigning people to marshalling sections and will be sending e-mails to all marshals hopefully this week, but at the latest by the end of this weekend.
All marshals will be meeting up with Section Leaders at DBIS main school on the morning, where registration will also take place.  The meet up time will depend on the particular section you are assigned to, but will be made clear in the assignment e-mails.  For more information about what to wear and bring, please see