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AvatarHideo Morito asked 3 months ago

Dear Team Fear team
First of all, thank you so much for organizing The race in 2019!
My son named Keigo Morito (Under 12 boy) has enjoyed a lot as the first timer.
I also enjoyed as the first timer Marshal.
I have a question about Kayak. My son really wants to practice Kayak because he and his partner spent tons of time for Kayak….I was Marshall dealing with Kayak and I know all Kayak came from somewhere (we put many Kayak together and they left to somewhere after the race.)
Where can my son use (practice) SAME KAYAK as the one at the Race??
I appreciate your advise.
Hideo Morito (6056 3328 – whatsapp is fine as well)

1 Answers
teamfearteamfear Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Hideo  We are glad they had such a good time!  We will pass your details onto someone in the committee who can help and they will be in touch!