Team FEAR 2019 will go ahead as planned

Team FEAR Adventure Challenge 2019 will go ahead as planned.

The race committee is in constant communication and keeping abreast of events. Whilst we appreciate there may be individual transport issues we don’t expect the ferry service to be affected especially in the early morning on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th November. Discovery Bay is largely self-contained and so relatively unaffected by protests.

Transport into Central to Pier 3 may be affected and parents should plan to set off earlier and consider workarounds.

Note that one can now catch taxis directly into Discovery Bay North Plaza and from there it is possible to take buses to the bike registration or to the race start at DBIS main campus.  For more details on transportation into and within DB please click HERE.

Parents should keep a close eye on the travel situation. For your information DB Transport have an app which shows any changes to the ferries and buses.

We have made plans to flexibly cope with a range of circumstances which may mean some adjustments to the race. These adjustments will be largely determined by issues that may affect race marshalling and race safety. As with every year our single biggest concern is the level of volunteer marshals available. We would urge you again to volunteer your time as a race marshal if you have not already done so.

Our marshalling link is HERE.

We will continue to monitor the situation and post any pertinent information as needed on the website news page and on Facebook.  Please do check these sources from time to time for the latest updates.


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