Marshals urgently needed

To date we have only half the number of marshals needed for this year’s Race.  We require over 300 marshals to cover the course safely.

We require each team of three (Under 9s, Under 10s and Under 11s) to provide two marshals per team.  (That is two parents out of a potential six.)   Each team of two (Under 12s and up) is also expected to provide one marshal each.

Please sign-up through the following form:

You do not need special skills to marshal – just patience and common-sense. Marshals, depending on the section in which they are placed, may be on the course for several hours and should be properly prepared in terms of refreshments and weather protection (sun or rain!) Also, as the safety of every competitor is paramount, it is vital that marshals do not leave their post until all competitors have gone past their section. This may mean that some marshals may not make it back to the finish line in time to see their child cross the line.

Team FEAR is very much a community event and parents are a vital marshalling resource for the Race. It is an enjoyable day for children and adults alike and we need parents to support their children and volunteer on the course to help us run this race safely.



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