Race Day 2018 Information

Race Day starts bright and early on 25 November as many of the competitors will need to be at DBIS by 7am.

Directions to Discovery Bay International School Main Campus can be found HERE.  A map of the DBIS start area can be found HERE.

We will have an enquiry desk by the entrance to DBIS – please approach them with any problems.  If you have hired a helmet from Lung Kee you will be able to pick up it beside the enquiry desk.  Dry bag drop will be in the Pagoda to the left of the entrance. Racers will be filtered into the Race Area on the pitch from the bottom corner of the pitch.  Please approach the filter area close to the time of your age group’s deadline.  Here are the timings:

Junior Registration
 registration 7:00 – 7.30 am
U10 registration 7:45 – 8.15 am
 registration 8:30 – 9.00 am

Intermediates/Seniors Registration
U19, U16 and U14 registration 7:00 – 7.30 am
U13 registration 7:30 – 8.00 am
U12 registration 8:00 – 8.30 am

Parents will not be allowed into the main registration area (the DBIS pitch).

There are very limited toilet facilities at the start – please “go” before you arrive.  We will not allow participants to exit the registration area to go to the loo as we will have already registered them.  Remind them NOT to drink all the water in their reservoirs before they start!

Also, please don’t bring your golf carts to DBIS. There will be no parking available.  The small carpark beside Wei Lun will be for the use of the Catholic and Anglican church-goers only.

This year, the Juniors (U9,U10,U11) will start on the main road just below the junction at Seabee Lane.  The teams will be walked as an age group through the main school gates at DBIS and out to the main road.  Please move aside, when asked, to let the competitors and marshals through the main car park. 

The Senior (U14, U16, U19) and Intermediates (U12, U13) will be walked down the back of DBIS to Seabee Lane and will start from there.  (Again, please don’t park your golf carts in Seabee Lane!)  If you wish to watch the Seniors and Inters start, you will need to walk down Discovery Bay Road and take the first left into Seabee Lane.  (There is no access to the Inter/Senior start through the school.)

The finish is at the North Plaza as in previous years.  There will be a presentation at 2pm for the winners of the various categories.

Racer bikes will have been dropped close to the rugby pitch by the commercial centre on the other side of the road from the North Plaza.  Please pick up your bikes promptly.  Hire bikes will be picked up by Lung Kee.  If you have hired a helmet, please leave the  helmet with the enquiry desk at the finish.


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