Some notes for Bike Check and Race Day

Only three more days to go until Race Day!


The Bike Check will take place at Siena Park this year and we will be handing out a number of things to competitors as well as the shirts and the bike labels.

Please approach the registration desks first to collect your helmet sticker, bike tag and timing tags.  Competitors should then line up to get their bikes checked and then finally collect their race shirts.

We also have some mini-shirts for sale this year on the shirt desks while stocks last ($50 per shirt).

Participants will wear timing tags on their ankles and helmets this year in addition to the helmet sticker (with the team number).  Please do not forget to bring your timing tags – they are vital for Race Day!  (If you lose an ankle tag, the timing team may need to charge you for the replacement.)

The timing team ask that the timing stickers are placed on the LEFT hand side of the helmets which is the optimal position for recording when the participants run across the finish line.  Here are instructions from the timing team.

Sturdy velcro elasticated ankle straps with timing tabs are also provided and these need to be placed on the left hand ankle as well (to avoid getting caught in the bike chain).  The timing tab should be turned to the outside of the ankle.  Again here are some instructions for fitting the ankle straps.

The timers recommend pulling the elasticated ankle straps like a bracelet and then adjusting the velcro for a comfortable fit rather than trying to untie them before putting them on.


Please arrive in good time for registration.  We will process complete teams at the registration desks.  For Juniors this is inside the Early Years main gates and for Intermediates and Seniors this is the corner entrance to the pitch closest to Wei Lun School.

If you have a problem on Race Day with your team or kit please approach the Enquiry desk which will near the entrances to the Early Years Campus and DBIS Main Campus.

The bag drop for your dry bags will be alongside the enquiry desk.  (Pick up will be at the finish to the right of the main stage.)

Please NO golf carts inside the either of the DBIS campuses.

Here is a map of the best viewing points for parents for Race Day.

Also approximate finish times for participants at the North Plaza finish are:

First Senior: 10.30am approx
Last Senior: 13:30pm approx

First Intermediate: 11.15am approx
Last Intermediate: 1.45pm approx

First Junior: 10.00am approx
Last Junior: 1.30pm approx

These times are subject to change depending on start times and conditions out on the course.


We have a couple of Intermediate teams and one Senior team who have lost a team mate due to illness or injury. If you are keen to join another racing team, please email us on


We are still needing marshals – if you haven’t signed up, please complete a marshal form as soon as you can.


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