Bike Check and Race Day Information

The Uncle Russ Coffee Adventure Challenge 2016 is only 7 days away and we hope you are looking forward to the Race!

Thank you for the large turnout at the two briefings. It was good to see so many first time racers.  The presentation slides can be found HERE.

Please be aware that the Bike Hire form is now closed – Lung Kee Bicycles are not taking any more hires.

Bike Check and Shirt Collection – Saturday 19th November 9am – 12 noon

All competitors are required to pick up their shirts, ankle timing tags and helmet stickers on Saturday 19th November and drop their bikes off ready for the Race.  The location is Siena Park (near Discovery College).

If you are hiring a bike, it is fine to delegate someone else to pick up your shirt, tag and sticker.

There will be no opportunity on Sunday so all shirts, tags and stickers must be collected on Saturday and all non-rental bikes dropped off unless you are part of the Hong Lok Yuen Group.  Rental bikes will be delivered on Saturday and will be numbered and put in place ready for Race Day.

Bikes need to be in good condition so please check them this weekend and get them serviced before bringing them.  The Bike Check Team have to process over 600 bikes and so won’t have time to be a repair service!  (Any volunteers for the Bike crew will be gratefully received.  You don’t have to be a bike expert.)

Please note there will not be any bike volunteers at Siena Park after 12 noon on Saturday – we will all be busy elsewhere getting the course and registration ready!

Also don’t lock your bikes – you will not only hinder the bike crews but delay your own child!  The bikes will be safe.

Race Day – Sunday 20th November – 7am onwards

Race Day Registration is split over two sites this year.

Seniors and Inters need to register at the DBIS Main campus and Juniors at the DBIS Early Years Campus on Race Day and we expect to have the presentation ceremony at DB North Plaza at 2:00pm.

You can find detailed information about Race Day timings and the location of the start and finish here:

Maps and Transportation

For a map of where to go on both days click here:

For transportation to and from DB click here:


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