Powerpoint from the Race Briefings

As a number of parents were not able to attend the briefings, please find the PowerPoint from the presentation here: teamfear.hk/1QUlJEt

Key things to remember as a marshal:

  • Don’t leave your post until your section leader releases you.  The last competitors coming through are the ones most in need of your help.
  • At crossings, stop the children not the traffic!

Key things to remember as a parent:

  • Parents are NOT allowed on certain parts of the course (e.g. gorges, coasteer, trails).  Teams may be disqualified.
  • Be aware of where you stand and do not block competitors.
  • Avoid distracting kids in difficult sections – it can lead to injuries. (We have a team of highly professional photographers taking photos over the entire course which will be made available later.)
  • Please leave directions to the assigned marshals.  (Not all competitors will be going in the same way and different age groups often go in different directions at key junctions.)
  • Do not park your golf-carts in the DBIS car-park until after 2pm. (Parking is available on Seabee Lane near the back stairs into DBIS.)

If you need further information, please refer to our website.


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