Waivers and Marshal form information

Thank you to all families who have already completed the waivers and marshal sign-ups.

If you arranged the PayPal payment, please ensure that the other team members have the last five characters of the PayPal reference as a Team FEAR reference and encourage them to fill out the forms.  We are still missing half of the waivers.

The waiver link is here – teamfear.hk/1K4epli

Parents who haven’t submitted the waivers may not be receiving Team FEAR emails so it is important that they get their forms to us as soon as possible so we have their email addresses.  This is particularly critical for new parents as we haven’t got them on our current mailing list.

Please also sign up for marshalling on the day of the Race.   We need over 300 people on the course this year.  The link to the marshal form is here – teamfear.hk/1OkHqMP



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