Bike hire

If you need to hire a bike for Race Day, Lung Kee Bikes from the New Territories (Mr. Daniel Ho) will be providing bikes for this year’s race.

Lung Kee Bikes will be accepting bike hire through an online form.

An email will be sent to you confirming your request.

Daniel will contact you directly to give you payment details and confirm the hire if there is a bike of the correct size available. Please note that the company has a restricted number of bikes for hire and you must get confirmation from them that your hire has been successful.

The bike will be delivered to Discovery Bay ready for the start of the Race and it will be waiting for the Participant, appropriately numbered, at the relevant part of the Course.

Mr. Ho will accept bike hire applications up to 157th October (unless Lung Kee Bikes has exceeded their maximum number before that). If the form is closed before that date, it means that the bike company has reached its full capacity.

Please note, Team FEAR does not handle Bike Hire. If you have any queries please contact Lung Kee Bicycle Co. directly.  Their office number is 2656 2221.  For any technical enquiries please contact 2662 5266.