The Race

The Team FEAR Junior Challenge is an adventure race for young people aged between 8 and 18.  It is held in Discovery Bay in November every year.

Teams swim, run, mountain bike, coasteer, jump into water and solve puzzles around Discovery Bay.

An important part of the Race is the sponsorship that competitors raise for the charity Youth Outreach.  For the last few years we have been able to give over HK$100,000 to the Charity.

There are three age groups with the following categories:

Juniors (Teams of 3)
Under 9 (aged 8 on 31st December)
Under 10 (aged 9 on 31st December)
Under 11 (aged 10 on 31st December)
Intermediates (Teams of 2)
Under 12 (aged 11 on 31st December)
Under 13 (aged 12 on 31st December)
Seniors (Teams of 2)
Under 14 (aged 13 on 31st December)
Under 16 (aged 15 or under on 31st December)
Under 19 (aged 18 or under on 31st December)



2014 Team FEAR Sponsors

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Latest News

Thursday, 13th November 2014

Last weekend's newsletter contained important information about Bike Check Day and Race Day.

Click Newsletter 009 to get more details about start times and directions.

Thursday, 6th November 2014

It was great to have a good turnout at both meetings this week.  For those of you who had prior commitments please click HERE for the power-point presentation for information.

More news about start times and Race Day will come out at the weekend.

Saturday, 11th October 2014

Without giving away too much about the course this year, we can say it will encompass several beaches.

The last typhoon washed up a lot of rubbish on all of the beaches around Discovery Bay.

DB Green (, a local green group, organises regular beach clean ups and there are two coming up before the Team FEAR Race.  The dates are:

Saturday Oct 11 (1-4pm) - North Plaza beach
Sunday Nov 9 (1-4pm) - Nim Sui Wan beach

It would be great if both participants and parents of Team FEAR could come down on either of these dates and help to ensure we have clean beaches for our race.

Monday, 29th September 2014

Leo has reached the maximum number of bikes he can handle this year but Daniel of Lung Kee Bikes in the New Territories still has bikes available.

Saturday, 20th September 2014

Team FEAR Registration Full for Juniors and Intermediates
We have filled all the places currently available across Juniors and Intermediates for this year's Race but if you were not successful, please register your team's details in the waiting list and we will contact you if a place becomes available.  It is highly likely that we will offer further team places over the next few weeks as there are always withdrawals.

There are still some team places remaining for Senior Teams (U14, U16 and U19).  Click HERE to register.

If you were successful in registering you will have received a payment confirmation email from PayPal.  You will not receive a confirmation from TEAM Fear today.  We will send out individual team confirmations as soon as we can later this week.

Waivers and Sponsorship
This year we are streamlining the waiver process by using an electronic Waiver system.  Please click HERE to complete the Waiver.  

Parents and competitors must read the Team FEAR Race Rules.  Click HERE to read them.

We also request that competitors raise sponsorship money for our nominated charity Youth Outreach.  The sponsorship form, along with any money raised, should be returned after the Race once all monies have been collected in.  Click HERE to access the form.

If you haven't already done so, please register your marshals by clicking HERE.



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